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What we offer to our employees (in addition to competitive salary) as a startup company engaged in research to create new products and services?

What is better than getting a job to work for great companies like Google, Apple or Microsoft? Answer: Contributing for advancement of mankind’s scientific knowledge and technological progress for increasing global wealth by working hard for starting and building great a company like Google, Apple or Microsoft.

We set ourselves very ambitious goals and yet set simple and practical milestones for achieving the very ambitious goals – Each of the milestones is one small step at a time in the right direction. Since rest of the world trying hard to advance software in a wrong direction, it is not hard to achieve our ambitious goal (by taking small steps in right direction for reaching each of the milestones).

To achieve our ambitious goal (i.e. by crossing each of the practical to achieve milestones), we are searching for software professionals having BE or ME (or equivalent) degree in computer science, who are willing to work very hard and who are talented software programmers having passion and desire to build career in software product development, design and engineering.

We can only reach each of the first few milestones and succeed sooner than later (cost effectively) by hiring hard working software professionals having talent and passion for learning new technologies. Being a startup company, we can only afford to train programmers having burning desire/passion for learning new technologies/inventions (that are created by relying on our new discoveries).

We are searching for talented programmers having passion and determination to work hard to quickly learn unique combination of a subset of latest technologies (e.g. Java, JavaScript, SVG, D3.js, CSS, BigData or Internet of Things) to succeed in software industry.

Send you resume to jobs@pioneer-soft.net if you are a talented programmer and have experience in Java and JavaScript frameworks such as JQuery, D3.js. Having experience in SVG, CSS, JSON or JDBC is desirable.