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What We Do

We are the inventors of only possible comprehensive server side GUI library (e.g. may be implement in Java/C# for Java/C# developers) for helping application developer (e.g. Java/C# programmers) to build graphics intensive 2D/3D complex data drive RIA (Rich Internet Applications). We will be creating a comprehensive Java GUI library and provide all the necessary support and services for Java application developers for building data driven 2D/3D graphics intensive RIA (Rich Internet Applications).

Visualization is one of the major pain-points for deploying large GUI application over Internet. For example, Hadoop framework and related API/Tools are addressing one of the main pain-points for BigData applications, while another important big pain-point for BigData applications is visualization for tasks such as analytics, discovery and navigation. Likewise, visualization is one of the big pain-points for many other application (driven by application logic and data), which must be deployed over web such as ‘Internet of Things’, ‘Industrial Internet’ or for building traditional client-server type GUI application for cloud.

We are laying foundation for software revolution. To achieve our ambitious mission stated in the web-page “Who and What We Are”, being a small company, we are making one step at a time. The first step is to provide a Java GUI library and support services for help Java application developers in building large/complex data driven GUI applications. This first step naturally and logically leads to next important step (hopefully sooner than later):

Our GUI library is also capable of creating real-software-components essential for achieving hierarchies of replaceable components, for example, by assembling real-software-components as replaceable subcomponents for building larger and larger replaceable components (hence resulting in the hierarchies of replaceable components). Today no other existing GUI library (e.g. Java/Swing or Windows/VC++) is capable of building such large real software components (also referred to as replaceable components) essential for achieving such hierarchies of replaceable subcomponents/components.

We are the inventors of a new class of server side GUI library and Real Software Components for achieving real CBSD (Component Based Design for Software). Our Inventions are protected by following patents granted so far by USPTO: 7,827,527; 7,840,937; 8,527,943; 8,392,877 and 8,578,329. Now the application/Java developers will have two classes of GUI frameworks to choose from: (i) Our Java/GUI framework invented for Java/application developers by an application/Java developer, and (ii) Web/GUI JavaScript based frameworks created for web/GUI developers by web developers. Once Java developers start using our GUI library and CASE Tools, soon they would gain first hand experience without much conscious effort and start enjoying the power of real-software-components and real CBSD.